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Girlfriend Experience (GEF)

You Will get a girl friend experience massage from our therapist, Each girl will take you to heaven with best experience, Dont delay, call us to and enjoy the massage experience

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Body to Body Massage

When your brain wants to hug pleasure and body wants to kick out the pain so for that a massage is a perfect solution for you, we do not listen to our body and what it want show but it is accumulating the stress on daily basis and when that stress reaches to a optimum point than it makes suffer to you.

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Sensual or Erotic Body Massage

Not only hand, legs & shoulder needs massage but also other sensual parts. I think you know what I mean. Yes, sensual massage is only for your private areas. Those are very soft and special. So, we need to take care of those areas with special massage technique. That is why sensual and organism massages are came to the place. Here we give beautiful massage over your sensual areas. The massage will help to stimulate your pleasure and also it helps to boost your power.

Must try in your life

Threesome (3-some)

Experience massage with 2 hot grils. If you are feeling horny and want to live out your 3-some fantasy in Bangalore, give us a call or send us an email so that we can arrange it for you. Can you think of anything better that you should do with your time? Enjoy two of our finest women in the same bed.